Portuguese Limestone Hearths

Portuguese Limestone Hearths

Limestone hearths are a popular material used in fireplaces as their sleek, light appearance suit the decor of many modern homes. Portuguese is a specific limestone common in fireplaces which can be described as buff in appearance with light flecks and is 100% natural.

When choosing a limestone hearth particular you need to decide on the size (width and depth), shape and edge profile. Most hearths come boxed and lipped as standard meaning the top ledge overhangs by about 10mm creating a lip. Many of our hearths can also be made boxed flush meaning that there is no lip and the edge is flat.

We would generally not advise limestone hearths to be used with solid fuel fires, the reason being that limestone is a very porous material meaning ash and debris is easily absorbed into the limestone making it look dirty. If you really want to use a limestone hearth with a solid fuel fire then the section closest to the fire needs to be slabbed. This means cutting the back section into pieces and adding a heat plate underneath to allow for expansion.

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