Package Builder - Inglenook (With Fire Basket) Type Fireplace

Package Builder - Inglenook (With Fire Basket) Type Fireplace

Welcome to our Fireplace Package Builder where you can get a quote and order online a completely bespoke fireplace for your home.

BEFORE YOU ORDER note choosing a bespoke fireplace is not always straight forward and we would always recommend getting a survey done by a Gas Safe (for gas) or HETAS (for solid fuel) registered fitter before ordering. If you are in the Manchester area, we can arrange this for you.

What sort of things need checking on a survey?

  • What sort of flue/chimney do you have? Class 1 or class 2? Pre-fabricated? Pre-Cast?

  • What condition is your chimney in? Does it need any expensive repair work?

  • Will you require a bespoke hearth? If so are you confident in measuring up for one?

  • What is the maximum opening size you will require for sufficient draw of fumes up the chimney?

  • If choosing a stove - how much and what type of flue pipe will you require?

We would ALWAYS recommend a survey before ordering any of our packages, contact us here if you are based in the Manchester area and we can arrange this.

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Choose Fire Basket

Typically, you would choose either a gas fire option or a solid fuel kit (includes grate and ashpan) if you want to burn solid fuels. Some of our baskets do not have gas fires available and a select few such as the "cromwell" do not require a solid fuel kit at all. If this is the case, you will see "no option available".

LPG options also available on our gas fires: Final Package Price + £90

Choose Surround or Beam

Note that surround sizes below such as 48'' or 54'' refer to the mantle size (the top part of the surround). Typically, the mantel size would be chosen to suit your chimney breast. Eg if your chimney breast is only 50'' wide you would not choose a 54'' surround and would choose something 48'' or smaller.

Choose Front Hearth

The hearth size would be dependent on the size of the fire surround you have chosen. If you have chosen a 54'' surround you would typically choose a 54'' hearth. You can also choose a hearth that is larger than the surround but this would be down to personal preference.

If you have not chosen a surround, then the hearth size would be dependent on the size of your chimney breast. A hearth should always be smaller than the chimney breast so if your chimney breast measures 50'', you would choose a hearth that is smaller than that such as 48''.

Choose Back Hearth

A 'back hearth' fits the area from the front of the chimney breast right to the back of the chimney breast. This is the area that the fire basket sits on.

When choosing a back hearth you must unsure it is made from the same material as the front hearth. For example, if you have chosen a 'slate' front hearth ensure you select a 'slate' back hearth. The other consideration is if you are looking to burn solid fuel (coals or logs) rather than gas you will need the back hearth to be 'slabbed'.

The last thing to consider is the size of your final opening, the important measurements would be width and depth. As these dimensions would be different for most situations we can give you guide prices below on typical installations.

To get an idea of price measure the finished opening width of your chimney breast and the depth from the front of your chimney breast to the back of the chimney breast. Once you have the measurements choose the back hearth that is closest below (always go a size up). For example, if your opening measures 45'' wide x 11'' deep then choose a 48'' x 15'' deep back hearth.

Choose Chamber Style

The chamber of the fireplace is the part that decorates the inside of the opening. Although this is not necessary it has two uses, it looks aesthetically pleasing and protects the brickwork at the back and side of the fireplace opening.

Deciding on how many boards will be required for the typical fireplace 'chamber' is different on a case by case basis depending on the width and depth of your fireplace chamber. For an idea of price it is safe to presume that most installations require 4 boards. This means that if you were ordering a 'set of 2' then you would need two of these (2 x 2 = 4). For panels that are ordered singularly such as the 'cast iron reeded panel' you would need 4 of these (4 x 1 = 4).

Choose Front Slips

Front Slips go between the surround and opening of the fireplace. The main purpose for these are to decorate and protect the front brickwork of the chimney. The other purpose is to reduce the opening size of your fireplace to a size where the chimney can efficiently draw fumes up the chimney.

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